Space Club
Space Club

Reach For The Stars!

The Space Club is an initiative by Cosmic Space Systems Pakistan, an Islamabad based space technology company, to promote the learning of space sciences amongst the youth in Pakistan to expand their vision on the Universe.

Why Join The Space Club?

The idea behind the initiation of The space Club is to provide a platform for our youth to have access to the surmountable amount of information regarding our universe and to inspire them to make their own mark in the future. So if you have a thirst to explore the universe and are a space enthusiast; if you want to broaden your career choices regarding sciences, then this is the club for you!

The Space Club offers its members the opportunity to participate in various programs throughout the year that would enable them to gain a hands-on-learning experience, individually as well as collaborating as a team while exploring new horizons and learning to appreciate science and technology.

Our main focus is to inculcate logical reasoning, analytical and critical thinking, regarding astronomy and all other science fields that are inter-related. The goal is to cultivate a new crop of astronomers, astrobiologists, astrophysicists, cosmologist, engineers and other scientists.
The ongoing technological revolution is dramatically evolving, opening up new frontiers for the human race. Thus, there is an urgent need to equip ourselves scientifically and technologically in today’s fast-paced and constantly changing world.

 Member’s Privileges:

  • Opportunity to participate in interschool and international contests
  • Free newsletter
  • Space Club ID cards
  • Updates on latest science events and promotions
  • Free workshops led by prominent scholars and scientists
  • Free membership to Cosmic Library
  • Amazing discounts on Space Club merchandise, summer camp, planetarium, Amateur Astronomers Club And A LOT MORE!
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