Space Club

Cosmic Space Systems extends its capability through alliances to deliver the optimal Solutions in different Industries. We have developed a powerful network of alliances with a core objective of helping our clients to reach performance standards while getting the most value out of technology investments. Our alignment with the leaders and emerging players enables us to deliver a more complete solution to our clients.
Organizations today are able to choose from a richer selection of technologies than ever before when looking to solve their business challenges.  Complex solutions are not only dependent on technology, but in many cases are enabled by it.  We can provide solutions which are strategically built and technology oriented.

Cosmic Space Systems relies upon global alliances to augment our knowledge of the space technology providers and space technology products available on this Planet.

A strong, coordinated Technology Alliances program gives Cosmic Space Systems added flexibility in addressing client challenges, allowing us to respond to a wide range of complex business issues more quickly and effectively.  Strategic space technology alliances provide CSS the ability to tap deep knowledge, skills and abilities as needed to create client-relevant solutions on demand.

Pertinent Industries

Space Industry Robotics Manufacturing
Space Mining Satellite Systems Launch vehicles
Radio Telescopes Education Software Systems
Research  & Development Consulting Communications
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