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About Us

Cosmic Space Systems is a space technology company based in Islamabad, Pakistan. The company was launched for the love of Space, and to propel the vision to search and comprehend the knowledge of the universe; discover new technologies for space communications; and to eventually build and launch Space Ships for Inter galactic travel to discover other worlds and species for a better future of mankind.

We believe that with space education and space innovations we can elevate the vision of our younger generation. With local and international collaboration we are building programs which will benefit the children of this planet and will expand their vision on life and Universe. We will welcome all organizations to support us to advance our missions to inspire, enable and sustain humanity.

Cosmic Space Systems is focused on space-based technologies and innovations that will improve life on Earth and discover new systems which will benefit space exploration and comprehension of existence.

Our Objectives:

  • Space Education
  • Space Exploration
  • New Communication Systems
  • Research and Analysis
  • Enterprise Systems
  • Privately built Space Ship

For Space education our first endeavor is THE SPACE CLUB which will elevate the vision of children to seek knowledge and find their place in the constant changing UNIVERSE. We foresee creating international collaborations in building enterprise systems, new launching technologies, better satellite systems, and joint projects on different space programs. Eventually our strategy is to design, build and launch a deep space galactic ship which can cross the boundaries of this universe, and open new frontiers of knowledge and resources for mankind.

For more information, visit www.cosmicspacesystems.com. Follow us on Face book, LinkedIn and Twitter, and read about the latest space news and activities.

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